Vol 4No 1 (March 2014)



Table of Contents

 Introduction from the Guest Editor

 Zohreh R. Eslami

 Towards Increased Classroom Assessment of Pragmatic Ability

 Andrew D. Cohen

 Expanding Traditional Testing Measures with Tasks from L2 Pragmatics Research

 Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig, Sun-Young Shin

 Examining Rater Effects in a WDCT Pragmatics Test

 Jianda Liu, Lijun Xie

 Pragmatic Rater Training: Does It Affect Non-native L2 Teachers’ Rating Accuracy  and  Bias?

 Zia Tajeddin, Minoo Alemi

 Teacher-based or Interactional?: Exploring Assessments for Children’s Pragmatic  Development

 Noriko Ishihara, Akiko Chiba

 Reorienting the assessment of the conventional expressions of complaining and  apologising: From single-response to interactive DCTs

 Esther Usó-Juan, Alicia Martínez-Flor

 Speech Act Data Collection in a Non-Western Context: Oral and Written DCTs in the  Persian Language

 Zohreh R. Eslami, Azizullah Mirzaei